Therapy and Counselling

What is Gestalt therapy?

The Gestalt approach requires the therapist to enter into an active, authentic relationship with the client. It embraces the fact of the therapist’s humanity, rather than trying to ignore it.

The Gestalt approach prefers inquiring deeply into the client’s experience of the world, to offering interpretations. It is holistic and non-prescriptive.

The relational and experiential focus of the Gestalt therapy approach affords it a creativity, flexibility and depth that is different from other therapies.


Therapy and Counselling sessions

Therapy and counselling sessions are by appointment and are 60 minutes in duration.

In the first session I will ask you what you hope to gain from therapy/counselling and some of your history and circumstances as background. This is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions you might have for me.

Whether you have a particular issue you wish to address in 4-12 sessions or are looking for longer term support around a more complex or pervasive situation, we can agree on a treatment plan to suit your requirements.

Session fee: $130 per one hour session

I have Medibank Provider Status. Please check with your Fund as to what rebate you are entitled to. Eligibility  varies according to your Plan.